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Lin Northrup, M.Ed., R.H. is a holistic educator and counselor with thirty years experience teaching in public schools. She founded Brain-Wise Learning Resources an innovative program supported by research from the neurosciences. It features a holistic view of intelligence and education that supports the hearts, minds, and unique learning styles of today’s children. She is also a certified hypnotherapist and energy practitioner.

Lin is currently an adjunct professor of English and is finishing a children’s novel based on Native American Wisdom teachings. She conducts workshops on creativity, wellness and spirituality.

In her mid thirties, she became a student of metaphysics, Eastern spiritual teachings, and began to practice meditation.

Guided by a powerful dream, she was led to a sanctuary in the woods where she worked with a healer to learn Native American Wisdom teachings, energy medicine and the healing arts of the sacred feminine.  After five years of deep study she returned to public education  determined to bring holistic principles into her work with young people.  

In the fall of 2000, Lin started receiving inner guidance to write about the children coming forward who are bridging humanity into an era of  higher consciousness. They have a global mind-set and their mission is to work for the good of humankind.

Her life path is to raise awareness about the needs of our global children, so that parents and educators can align with their message of universal
brotherhood, cooperation and peace.
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