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Meditations for Trust and Inner Peace

Wisdoms Children
Published by in Love ·
Give over your need to know future events, and your attempts to predict, control, or believe yourself able to know how the pieces move together to form the Whole.

Instead begin with a prayer, “I trust in the divine for each day’s abundance knowing all will happen at the right timing. That gives me the freedom to bless the moment and know peace.

All life is continually
replenishing itself
Realize your infinite wealth
Flow with the river
Beneath all surface appearances
there is a constant universe
In its peace, your world
is an ever-expanding circle
of new-found beauty


There beneath
there above
there within
are the threads
of the sacred
endlessly weaving
the divine plan


See first, the beauty of the day
the movement of life
a sound so melodious,
its music fills you and
brings you forward to a
a higher view
of the moment to moment
unfolding of your day

(excerpt from Wisdom's Children: The Forerunners Transforming Human Consciousness)

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