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Children and the Law of Attraction

Wisdoms Children
Published by in Love ·
(excerpt from Wisdom’s Children)

Today’s children will instinctively relate to principles like the magnetic Law of Attraction and will want to learn how to use their thoughts to create opportunities where everyone shares resources abundantly. They are not  here to recreate the patterns of a dying age.

But  they need quiet time to explore their inner worlds so they can  experience the love that comes from their divine self. And they need time in nature which bonds them to the earth laying the groundwork for a  healthy relationship to all forms of life.

Young children are fascinated by the natural world and can learn to relate lovingly to nature in simple acts. For example, a child may want to help  water the flowers in the garden because he is attuned to their energy  and senses that flowers are beings of light. His parents can encourage  his relationship to nature realizing that he may sense the nature  spirits and see the light around plants. The quiet rhythm and  communication he experiences during this task helps him feel connected  and safe. He becomes conscious of the love that radiates from other  forms of life and develops a natural way of relating to his world that  is thoughtful and caring.

There  is an innate magnetism that emanates from children who are connected to  their inner worlds and nature. In that state of balance, they can  attract what they need and create the conditions of abundance that are  supported by Universal laws. It’s an empowered place for them to live  based on the Law of Attraction. They can transcend the fear and feelings  of lack that drive humans into unhealthy relationships with each other  and the earth. By learning how Universal laws operate, children can  develop confidence that their path will be guided. They’ll discover that  they can manifest their own dreams without having to undermine the  dreams of their brothers and sisters. This enlightened view opens up  pathways for relating to others from a feeling of abundance and trust in  life. This new way will be demonstrated by many of the children who are  pioneering the path of sacred relationship to each other and the earth.  

Universal  laws, such as the Law of Magnetic Attraction, always operate whether we  are aware of them or not. If we accept that we are vital beings  constantly energizing the world around us, we’ll notice that everything  we do, every thought we have and every feeling we experience is shaping  our world. To help our children co-create their lives within the  framework of Universal laws, we must begin to accept how we individually create our ‘little universes’ within the Whole. The relationships and  life we create are based on how we perceive and respond to everything  around us. We need to see through the illusion that everything happens  to us and understand our own co-creative power. But in order to change  our perceptions and create new posibilities supported by our highest  thoughts, there will be one requirement. It will be necessary to quietly  listen within for the guidance that directs our path. In alignment with  our heart’s wisdom, we will consciously invoke the Law of Attraction  and can begin to attract more love and abundance into our lives. Each  decision made from our understanding of this Universal principle, will  create a world far different than the one our egos made. Until we see  the advantages of living according to Universal laws, we will perpetuate  a state of mind that conditions us to feel we are victims of the world  we see. That mind-set will continue to sabotage even our closest  relationships.

Underlying  all movement is Love, which embraces all who are open to the Call. Love  joins, enfolds, shares, complements and includes, fully aware of its  unlimited nature. Abundance thrives on the acceptance of the principles of Universal law. Begin with one thought, “My job in this world is only  to express the love that I am.” Focus only on the expression of love as  the goal – in that you are never left without the avenue Spirit uses to  build the foundation of your life on this worldly plane of existence.  Whenever the Whole is served and each person links their creativity to  serve the Whole, there is a deep sense of joy and balance. Everyone  feels complete.

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