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Challenging the Nature of Intelligence

Wisdoms Children
Published by in Love ·
This generation of children is already moving beyond the five-sensory human, and they require new methods of teaching. But if we misunderstand and ignore their unique abilities, we will continue to create a system of  education that acknowledges only the barest definitions of human  intelligence.

The challenge before us is to recognize the new energy level within the human brain. This is the avenue of scientific research that is critical  to understanding the expanded form of intelligence that is developing within our children. Observe them closely, for they are already showing us their heightened sensitivities and fine-tuned intuition. To persist in the belief that learning is purely a linear, rational matter feels increasingly foreign to today’s children whose very nature is  challenging conventional concepts of intelligence

While in meditation, I asked about intelligence and received this information:

The  idea of intelligences is not new, but in effect, reflects the outgrowth of understanding that intelligence cannot be narrowly defined because it encompasses knowledge based upon the ability to receive information through non-linear time frames. Many intelligences exist within the  field of every person, and can be made accessible with practice. It’s a matter of receiving through expanded levels of knowledge.

There is a  latticework of energies interpenetrating the conscious mind, which are available in every situation. Now consider this – multiple intelligences and multiple opportunities to utilize all aspects of the mind! Yet, you seem to feel you are separated from this vast network of knowledge, as  if you are capable of only accessing one or two bands on a radio! Do you feel these limited stations are your only sources of information?

The mind is a play of consciousness and in that ‘playground’ you will find  information available according to your own evolutionary level of understanding. This ‘book of knowledge’ becomes available through this ability to access information needed for your immediate need. In other  words, the channel becomes open, and in comes the appropriate idea that confirms physical levels of information. It’s a meeting of two or more levels of vibrational patterns that converge within the mind and  installs the seed or imprint. This imprint awakens cellular DNA, and  corresponds to the level of knowledge that will meld with your desire to know truth. It is incumbent to know that a major change is taking place  within the brain that allows for an expanded range of intelligence.”

We need to be open to new capabilities that transcend intellectual knowledge and recognize that intuitive intelligence is equally valid as a source of  information.

(Excerpt from Wisdom’s Children)

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