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The Wise Part Within

Wisdoms Children
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This is a technique that helps children and teenagers get in touch with the part within themselves that is in harmony with life. It is a way they can develop inner strength and be guided by their highest thoughts. Children need tools that help them make the best possible choices, which will then build their self-esteem and self-confidence. They seem to intuitively know what is meant by the words Wise Part Within.

To introduce the idea that every child has a Wise Part Within simply say something to the following effect:

“There is a wise part within all of us. There is a wise part within you. A wise part within me. A wise part wthin everyone you know. The wise part within you is so wise that it knows what is right for you. It is there to help you feel calm, peaceful, and happy. And it is there to help you solve problems and make the best choices.

One of the ways to get in touch with the wise part within you is to close your eyes, sit quietly, and take several deep breaths. Breathe slowly, feel your body  becoming quiet, and let your body relax. Go to the creative place in  your mind.

You may want to visualize a lovely flower, soft white clouds in the blue sky, or a quiet pond surrounded by pine trees. Let the creative part of your mind show you your special place. You may visualize a star, a favorite animal, or a rainbow: anything that makes you feel safe, happy, and peaceful. Feel the gentle silence and ask the wise part within you for the help you  need.”

Adapted from He Hit Me Back First ! by Eva D. Fugitt

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