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The Breath of Divine Grace

The breath

simple, flowing

inward, outward

joining mind,


heart and spirit

The breath anchors you to your Higher Self. During these days of transition, your foremost challenge will be to dissolve the fear that arises from within your own mind. There will be a natural pull to hold onto forms of security that are bound to  historical precedents. They will no longer be stable enough to promise you secure and predictable outcomes. For example, economic security will be the first to be adversely affected if you are unable to accept the new concept of love as the basis for economic prosperity. The first of you who are able to understand and follow the practice of cooperation within your structures will contribute enormous growth to the Universal plan for transformation. Likewise, economic prosperity will grow whenever each member of an organization is given respect and honor for their contribution. It is a tenet of the ‘new economic plan’ for humankind, that equality be given its true expression within each  organization for optimal economic prosperity.

While there is a growing backlash from those who hold power in the old tradition, a new way of economic redistribution of goods and services throughout the world will prevail. Meanwhile, during this period of reorganization, it will be imperative  to realign your mind and thoughts with the vibration of higher  consciousness. In that realignment, you will recognize that your stability cannot come from outer sources. It must come from a renewed  connection to your spiritual awareness. Loud voices everywhere will try to persuade you to follow their path, their ideology, their beliefs, but only when you go into your own sacred space will you find your true direction. It will guide you unerringly toward a security that is not manmade. The first step in finding your own direction is to recognize the breath inside you as your divining rod.

Pay attention to your breath. As you listen, and feel its movement, a calm will descend over you as soothing  as soft twilight touching the leaves, and the gentle embrace of a quiet summer eve. Cultivate a relationship with your breath, for in it lies  your new pathway toward inner security. Practice in the car, at the  office, in every quiet moment of your day. Let the breath be an anchor  for you in the midst of outer busyness. It is the great dispeller of fear, for it is none other than the movement of the Divine Self.

Excerpt from Wisdom’s Children

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