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The Power of Intuition

Wisdoms Children
Published by in Love ·
Intuition is Love.
Intuition is Light.
Intuition is Truth.
Let Love, Light,
and Truth forever
guide my path.

Intuition is another way of saying, “Love is guiding me.” In our hearts ‘we know what we know’ without having to test every thought against a worldview that encourages doubt and disbelief in the wisdom of the heart.

Intuition allows you to draw upon a vast storehouse of universal consciousness in which your individual, separate ego boundaries are transcended. Are you willing to relinquish your attachment to the ego's way of ‘figuring things out’ in order to experience another way of knowing?

The more you listen to your intuition, the more it filters out that which is not of the highest truth. Your ‘receiving ability’ will increase and you'll become more attuned to what you know in your heart to be true.

Seek its counsel whenever you are fearful or uncertain as to how to proceed. Step back, breathe through your heart and be willing to listen. When you cultivate a relationship to your intuition, it will give you the insights you need to make decisions that support your highest path.

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