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The Power of Love

Wisdoms Children
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Love unites all living things in a  complex universe that operates on many different levels of reality. In its purity, Love is the Source of All. It focuses light into rays that form endless universes all intersecting into a multi-layered pattern of light and form. This intelligence cannot be described through mortal  frames of reference. Its nature is complex yet infinitely loving in its  purpose. There are no words to capture its essence. Love cannot be explained, interpreted or defined. Love can, however, be experienced internally and it can be expressed externally.

On this level of reality, love is felt as a wave penetrating the heart releasing emotions such as joy, compassion, and heart-felt love for one another. Its vibration is received and then interpreted in ways that we can understand. We all have the capacity to extend this wave to others and reconfigure human  thought to a higher level of consciousness. That is the promise of humankind; to receive love from the Source and release it into the vibratory pattern of this reality. As this vibration increases within  the human family, there is an upward spiral of energy within the Whole that increases the consciousness of every life form. This consciousness is rapidly increasing and causing enormous shifts of energy as humans  recognize that their relationship with each other and the earth must  change.

Believe only that which extends Love. When we express love to others, energy expands around the earth, and  everyone is blessed. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually each human joins in that sacred moment. Minds become one single stream  of conscious intent.

The power behind a loving thought changes the brain chemistry within each person it touches. It is time for this to happen in order to prepare the way for a new type of human being – “homo noeticus.” Children are the prototypes of a more conscious human being, raising the ante for the human family.

Deep within the human psyche there is an awakening and a realization of human interdependence that will surface with each crisis. As the vibration of love expands, higher thought will begin to penetrate causing energy to reconfigure and the “solutions that unite will overcome solutions that divide.” Remember, this return to love is the promise we made to one another long ago.

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