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Energy Balancing Techniques for Sensitive Children

Wisdoms Children
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We all live and move in an electromagnetic field of energy (aura). Our energy fields are constantly picking up information, feelings, thoughts and stimuli from  our environment.

Children have open, porous energy fields and today’s children, who are highly intuitive, can be prone to sensory overload. It’s important to tell them that their sensitivity is a gift that helps them learn more about themselves, make  positive choices and navigate their everyday world. With loving support, they can learn how to center and balance themselves when they feel  anxious and on overload.

Here are some simple  techniques that can help children release unwanted stimuli that collects  in the field, so they can feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Three Magic Breaths

Tell your child,  “Whenever you feel upset, scared or nervous you can go inside yourself  and find a magical way to feel calm. Close your eyes and put your hands  on your belly right below your belly button.

1. “Imagine a balloon  in your belly and when you breathe in, the balloon fills up with air.  And when you breathe out, the air goes out of the balloon and it gets  smaller.”Let’s practice.”

2. “Now we’re going  to take 3 magic breaths. Put your hands on your belly. When you breathe  in, I’ll count to 8 as your belly/balloon fills up with air. When you  get to 8 hold your breath.” (Count to 8 while your child hold his/her  breath and you can experiment with a number that works best for them.)

3. “Now  exhale/breathe out the air in the balloon until it’s all the way out.  I’ll count again as you breathe in your second breath. And when you  breathe out your third magic breath, you’ll feel calm, happy and  relaxed. Every time you feel upset go inside and take your 3 magic  breaths.”

The Figure Eight:

The right hemisphere  of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left hemisphere  of the brain controls the right side of the body. When a baby crawls  they are naturally integrating both sides.

Cross Crawl: Stand and march in place letting your arms swing naturally. This integrates both sides and brings balance.

Visualize the Figure 8: Children love to visualize. After having your child do the cross crawl physically by “marching” in place, tell your child, “There’s a “secret  way” to feel calm, balanced and make your brain and body feel happy and  relaxed.”

“Close your eyes and imagine a sideways Figure 8 going from one side of your brain to the  other side. If you’re in school you can do this with your eyes open and  no one will know.”

“You can even visualize the Figure 8 over your heart, your stomach – anyplace you want to feel centered and peaceful.”


For children (and  adults) certain images can evoke a feeling tone in the mind-body system  that brings calm, creativity, focus and a connection to your wise inner  self.

Children enjoy choosing image(s) that make them happy: a deer, a star, a tree, a rainbow, an imaginary being, or their pet. They may also choose a color that symbolizes a feeling of peace and safety.

For example, if your  child is nervous before a test, ask him to close his eyes and choose an  image that can help him relax so he can focus and do his best. Before the test, he can take “3 magic breaths” and imagine his favorite image.

Children often love  to draw their image. The key for children (and adults) is practice. The  more you practice visualizing your image, the quicker your mind-body  system responds. So if imaging a deer makes you feel centered, that  image will become more efficient with repetition. It becomes an  “anchor.”

Make it fun for children and remember that they may stay with an image for a while and  then change it. Let them do what they feel is right for them.

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