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The Truth Seekers

Wisdoms Children
Published by in Love ·
If we are committed to helping children develop and express their unique gifts, we must begin to see the mind of a child as a vessel for universal intelligence, not a receptacle for programmed ideas that support a closed thought system. In that way, we can educate them for  the higher purpose for which they are born. I received the message below from Spirit:

The minds of today‚Äôs children are reaching for truth. They are the truth-seekers whose mission it is to reassemble human thought by asking the questions that will force everyone to re-evaluate who they are.They are not content with ideas that will not address your deeper nature. They see through world problems created by the absence of honesty and  truth. Everywhere you look will be indications of children who speak  from a level of reality beyond their chronological years. Let them speak, for they are living proof of a new wave of energy entering the  consciousness of every man and woman.

Think of what it means for the children to be holding a place in the heart of  society that requires them to ask the questions no one wants to hear. Or say the things no one is able to say because they are too afraid. Are  you ready for them? Will you be able to face them and let them give you their opinions on matters that you would rather not think about? If  not, then you must hide from them for they are not going to leave you alone. Things need to change. They cannot wait any longer. That is why  all the children coming forward are giving you a choice. Either remain  locked behind closed doors in closed rooms without air to breathe, or  live open and free by accepting your new role in the world.

Let  a new energy release a potential within you that is finally going to  give you an expanded way of looking at yourself. You can no longer deny the beauty of your true self and cover it with the dark face of fear. Those who honor their new-found abilities will see through the false images of the prophets of hate and fear.

The children will speak first, for they are the fearless ones determined to reveal truth where ignorance and denial have prevailed. Let them go forward, for they are ready and waiting. Help them grow into wise adults who will bring a new renaissance into every field of endeavor. Give them the chance to be their destiny.

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