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New Pathways for Learning

Wisdoms Children
Published by in Love ·
(excerpt from Wisdom’s Children)

The educational system is experiencing a crisis… a breakdown of the old paradigm. We can no longer teach in a way that compartmentalizes information and separates the heart, the mind and the body. The old system prided itself on feeding knowledge to a population that required  skills based on the five senses as the primary tools of learning.

To reach the minds of today’s highly intuitive children, there has to be a revolution within the educational community. Too many children are not responding to an assessment-driven curriculum that feeds them a steady  diet of Pablum when they want to reach toward the stars.

Today’s children are holistic, intuitive learners. Therefore, they process in a non-linear style and are sensitive to a much fuller range of multi-sensory information. When children use their intuitive insight  they receive a ‘holistic’ grasp of the topic. They are attuned to the greater picture, make connections, and understand the information through heart, mind and body. Once they understand the topic holistically, they can discover how the various parts fit the whole.

Imagine a young child with heightened intuitive and sensory abilities sitting in a classroom. She is full of wonder and eager to learn. The class is reading about dolphins and her heart is very open to them. Feeling an  inward pull, she sees herself swimming with the dolphins, feels their bodies touch her and looks into their eyes. All manner of images fill  her mind. Her senses are alive with what she is experiencing. Her heart  feels what the dolphins feel when they’re tangled in nets, or kept in tanks. Tears fill her eyes. She knows we have to treat them with respect and feels her connection with them.

Her teacher is talking and she’s jolted out of her state of oneness with the dolphins. She raises her hand wanting to share all she felt and  learned.

Intuitively she knows what these beautiful beings are trying to teach us. Year after year her beautiful gifts of higher perception conflict with the way school wants her to learn. She adapts and gets better at passing  tests. She smiles in the hallways, but deep inside she aches for what her heart knows.

Attention for children is a matter of feeling a heart connection with the subject being taught. Children are innately attuned to the mystery of life and today’s children are saying to educators, “Teach me from your heart and we will soar together.” There is no better way to educate our children  than to enter the mystery with them.

We need to accept that today’s children have already moved beyond the five-sensory human and explore the new frontiers of consciousness in order to keep up with our students’ evolving abilities. As educators we have the opportunity to develop creative models of teaching and learning that inspire us to expand our definitions of human intelligence and usher in an exciting new era in education.

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