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A Message From Gaia

Many of us are deeply concerned about climate change, pollution and the ongoing assault on nature from human neglect and exploitation. It's painful for humans, animals, trees, flowers and the oceans to be out of alignment with each other. It's painful when we don't fully embrace our relationship to all forms of life on this planet. On March 4, 2019 I received a message while asking for guidance. The message began, "This is a transmission coming from the Mother of All Life. Call it Gaia. Feel her presence and give her words a place to be, a place to relate her divine guidance. "

I looked up the ancient meaning of that word. "Gaia is said t be the personification of earth, the ancestral mother of all life, the primal Mother Earth goddess."

The message below is the first one I received and as I receive more I'll add them to my blog.


"There is much to be learned from my truths. They need to be told in order to restore the sacred Feminine to earth. Her teachings cannot be ignored any longer. If you are willing, hear me through. Let me realign the harmony necessary for human life to thrive along side my own for we are one body, one heart breathing. There is no separation, no disunity when that knowledge is firmly implanted in the human brain. All life is one flowing energy that is revealed through form and light. When you care for yourself, you care for others. When you allow light to be your guiding force, that light reveals a beauty that is Earth.

Her consciousness is your consciousness. Everything on earth is conscious, aware and intelligent. Everything is designed with love as its guiding principle. That love, that consciousness is what you see and feel every time you look at a tree, hear a dolphin, run your fingers on the ripples of a stream. You are walking in a field of consciousness, a field of love. That field of love embraces every living thing. Without it you cannot exist. Without it life cannot exist. The love and light entwined in your DNA is the same love and light entwined in every animal, every plant, every tree, every drop of water every single minute of every single day.

You cannot step out of it.

Consciousness cannot be removed. It is life. So if you are conscious then every rock, tree, tiger, robin, peacock, hawk, bear, oyster, flower, lake, stream, rhinoceros and whale is also conscious. Is aware. Is vibrating with you.

When you accept this fact, this reality, your vibration aligns with each and everything on earth. You are awake and in harmony with all life. That is how life was designed. An intricate web of conscious light all contributing light to make the Whole.

This pattern of light and love underlies each form and all is in a beautiful display of reality known as Earth.

Can you feel your heart open at this recognition that you are here to offer your light, your awareness, your heartfelt love to all earth's creatures, all trees, all streams, all flowers, all meadows, all birds that light the sky, all oceans, all mountains. They are all here to offer you light, to hear your profound delight and feel your love. You are all one breathing organism: Gaia."

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