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Wisdom's Children
“Wisdom’s Children is an inspired guide to the needs of today’s children – many of whom simply do not respond to our current educational system. Reading this information brings greater understanding and healing.”
Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom (Bantam, 2005), Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom (Bantam, 1998)

“A book that has a lot of wisdom in it… written by an educator with a big heart and soul who cares about you.”
Bernie Siegel, MD.,  author of 365 Prescriptions for the Soul and Love, Magic & Mudpies

“Written with such wisdom, heart, and inspiration. I hope that many parents read this wonderful book."
Joyce Vissell, RN, MS, author of  Models of Love, The Parent-Child Journey


We are standing at a crossroads in our earth’s history. To help us  make the transition to a more enlightened way of living, we are being  given a gift. It lies within our children who are gifted with the global  awareness needed for these times.

“The young beings among you carry an intuitive knowledge of  universal truth and reflect your deepest longing as spiritual beings: to  live in harmony with each other and the earth.”

Wisdom’s Children describes a new generation of children whose gifts  of higher perception can bring about a transformation in the hearts of  humanity. It is an inspired guide to the needs and challenges of today’s  children - many of whom struggle to adapt to a world and educational  system that does not understand their expanded range of abilities.
It explores the universal principles underlying humanity’s  shift in consciousness and includes metaphysical information, inspiring  stories, and twelve guidelines for nurturing the gifts and aspirations  of today's young people.


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