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Intuitive Consultant

Lin’s counseling practice integrates:
•Psychological and Universal principles
•Intuitive Readings
•Astrological insights
•Hypnotherapy / Guided Imagery

These modalities can help you better understand your strengths, talents, challenges, and relationships. They will help you find new meaning, purpose, and direction. As you gain insight into important cycles of growth, your inner wisdom will guide you to make empowered choices that support your unique path in life.
Energy Healing

Energy medicine is the most significant breakthrough in the field of wellness. It connects the  mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of healing, so that  wholeness can be achieved. Energy medicine is natural, non-invasive, and works with the innate healing power of the individual. An energy healing session creates a state of wellness that restores the body’s natural capacity to heal by clearing and strengthening the energy flow, enhancing the immune system and bringing more clarity and inner peace. *These healing modalities do not intend to replace  traditional medicine and therapy, but rather to complement and enhance them.
Educational Counselor

Many of today’s bright, sensitive children and teenagers think and learn differently. They need to know how to identify their strengths and utilize their natural gifts. Brain-Wise Learning Resources combines the newest mind/body techniques with a heart-centered approach to learning that helps children aspire to  the highest within themselves. This innovative program is supported by research from the neurosciences, and features a holistic view of intelligence and learning that supports the hearts, minds, and unique learning styles of today’s global children.

The Brain-Wise Kids Program helps children and teenagers learn:

•Eight ways to be smart (Multiple Intelligences and beyond!)
•Relaxation and breathing techniques that  develop concentration
•How to reduce test-taking anxiety
•Mind/body exercises that “anchor learning”
•The right-left brain connection to creativity and organization
•How to develop their intuition (The Wise Self within)
•Techniques for solving problems and achieving positive goals
•Effective verbal and written communication skills
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