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Universal Brotherhood

The Aquarian Age will be the
beginning of a new Earth governed by
Universal law, and the children will
understand how to realize its promise.
For they have come to implement a
design of Universal Brotherhood long
in the making. Let them lead you for
they are the ones you are waiting for.

An energy field of Universal Truth surrounds each child and every human being. Within this field, lies knowledge of the sacred path that each child must discover in order to fulfill their unique purpose. Their quest is the hero and heroine’s journey. And every child must understand that they are on a hero’s  journey to pursue their own individual path, and offer their gifts in a way that benefits the group. As we enter the Aquarian Age, we are  opening the doorway to greater understanding of group consciousness and clearly there is a critical need to join together for the well-being  of the earth and each other. When young people contribute their personal vision to the group, goals can be accomplished that  uplift the whole of humanity. The need to balance our individual desires with the well-being of humanity has never been more apparent throughout our global community.

The children coming forward have the capability of manifesting a new form of group awareness that can balance the earth. This is their spiritual intent. They represent the emerging feminine aspect of the Divine that seeks connection, unity, and wholeness. Our children have an intuitive understanding of this new intention. Our task as parents and teachers is to help them become  heroes and heroines, so they can act on their humanitarian ideals. They are pioneers exploring the true nature of brotherhood that is the next evolutionary leap in human consciousness.

Excerpt from Wisdom’s Children
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